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Articles Excellent presentation and very valuable topic ! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing Regards 03-Oct-2011
Articles Yes, its nice. Keep it up Niladari ! 15-Sep-2011
Articles Happy to know that it helped and saved your time. Thanks, do not forget to refer your friend abo ... 13-Sep-2011
Articles You need to ensure that your database connection is open before you execute the command. Hopefully a ... 11-Sep-2011
Articles Cool, looking forward to work with LightSwitch, seems interesting ! 09-Sep-2011
Articles Can we create a web application in LightSwitch that can be hosted on the server and can be browsed t ... 08-Sep-2011
Articles Hi Vishvvas, Thanks for writing the great series of articles. Appreciate your commitment towards ... 25-Aug-2011
Articles Great article Debal, keep it up! Regards 22-Aug-2011
Articles Dear A4u_6178, Thanks for pointing out the typo. I have corrected. Regards 16-Aug-2011
Articles Excellent article Vuyiswa, keep it up! 30-Jul-2011
Famous Personality Interviews Congratulations Ambily!!! Keep it up! Regards 29-Jul-2011
Articles Very good attempt to explain initializers by writing series of articles. Keep it up Vishwas! 26-Jul-2011
Famous Personality Interviews Congratulations Brij, you deserve it ! Keep it up! Regards 19-Jul-2011
Articles Thanks everyone!!! Finally I received a response from a gem on the earth, uGain (guess who)? P ... 14-Jul-2011
Videos Oops its not "Windows 7 65X" it is Windows 7 64X. 08-Jul-2011
Videos Thanks for sharing this info, very useful. Looks like Sharepoint 2010 can also be installed on W ... 08-Jul-2011
Articles Excellent job Srikanth, keep it up! Regards 07-Jul-2011
Articles Dear All, Thanks so much for your participation, appreciate your dedication and passion of sharin ... 03-Jul-2011
Articles Thanks Sreenuvasan, keep reading more article in this series. Thanks 30-Jun-2011
Articles Hi Akiii, Thanks for your response and pointing out the typo, I have updated. I have also adde ... 21-Jun-2011

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