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Articles Great, happy to hear this. Thanks 21-Jun-2011
Articles Thanks Akiii, More will be coming , keep reading and referring friends. Thanks Regards 21-Jun-2011
Articles Set the Expires property of the Cookies to more than today. So you can write something like [CODE ... 21-Jun-2011
Articles Thanks Akiii, Keep reading .... 16-Jun-2011
Articles [I]@table_name[/I] is used to provide the name of the database table whose fields I am going to pop ... 15-Jun-2011
Articles Yes, Cool. Thanks 10-Jun-2011
Articles No, you can't. Even if you use URL Rewriting, your info exists in the URL. The benefit URL Rewriting ... 10-Jun-2011
Articles Thanks Chvrsri and Karthik ! 01-Jun-2011
Famous Personality Interviews Good to see you as a Member of, then Author, then Moderator, then MV ... 01-Jun-2011
Famous Personality Interviews The advise to software professional is very true, " ... Give 2-3 hours daily to learn more about tec ... 29-May-2011
Famous Personality Interviews Good going, keep it up! Thanks 27-May-2011
Famous Personality Interviews Inspiring ..... Great Vikram, good luck 1 Regards 26-May-2011
Articles Hi Karthik, Extra ordinary presentation, 5 from me. Keep it up! Thanks 04-May-2011
Articles Very good PandianS. Keep it up! 02-May-2011
Articles Hi Vaniy, You are correct, just to quickly put together I have used DataTable. Ideally we can use ... 30-Apr-2011
Articles Excellent explanations Nilkant, Keep it up! 21-Mar-2011
Articles Thanks Myke, Did you try truncate table instead of delete. Delete doesn't reset the identity (aut ... 18-Mar-2011
Articles Thanks Akiii, The Advance Settings dialogue box has many settings and if you look at it carefully ... 11-Mar-2011
Articles Very well presented, thanks 5 from me, keep it up Ruchi ! Regards 02-Mar-2011
Articles Very good effort Karthik. Very well appreciated. 5+ from me. Keep it up! 28-Feb-2011

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