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Articles hi all everyone who had a problem implementing this code please mail me and i will teamview to your ... 31-Mar-2012
Articles i see where you have a problem, i have Updated the Article [CODE]int Results = 0; if (txt ... 22-Feb-2012
Articles [CODE]if(Results ==1) { Response.Redirect("AnotherPage.aspx",false); }[/CODE] 17-Jan-2012
Articles These are the names of the Controls txtusername is the name of the Textbox for username and the ... 17-Jan-2012
Articles Glad to hear 10-Jan-2012
Articles That is a Label, add a Label and name it "lblMessage" 05-Jan-2012
Articles Very Good article,wished i have such an information before the evolution of WCF. One more Questio ... 05-Jan-2012
Articles Thank you 04-Jan-2012
Articles Good Day Ogipansrk Thank you for reading the series of this article. I kept the Commands separate ... 04-Dec-2011
Articles Good Day The ClientPolicy and Crossdomain will be attached in the part 4 of the Series. Part 3 ... 23-Nov-2011
Articles Thank you :) 22-Nov-2011
Articles Cool, you remind me of windows ME 21-Nov-2011
Articles nice article. please check the spelling on "Video" , nice Job 21-Nov-2011
Articles Thanks 18-Nov-2011
Articles The Structure of the Table is valid for all Technologies 14-Nov-2011
Articles hi Nuwan I have written an article that extends the capability of this article [LINK] http:// ... 14-Nov-2011
Articles Nice, article, i would like to see one accessing SQL Data. Thanks for sharing 11-Nov-2011
Articles Interesting ,but the problem is that windows 8 will not support Silverlight or pluggins in a Tablet. ... 02-Nov-2011
Articles Good Day Vishwas Great article you have here. Thanks for Sharing. 29-Sep-2011
Articles thanks 24-Sep-2011

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