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Articles Is the key free? 19-Jul-2020
Articles Please contact me via Skype "Vuyiswamb" i will assist 16-Mar-2015
Articles Nice i did it 19-Jan-2015
Articles Excellent article Sainath S , thanks for Sharing 14-Aug-2014
Articles The version of VS is 2012 12-May-2014
Articles Thank you Sheo 21-Jan-2014
Articles Hi mukuwa. Time is no longer on my side. I try to write but time is a bit limited 18-Oct-2013
Articles this is the name of the "user_name" in the table [dbo].credentials , so do you have such a field wit ... 25-Jul-2013
Articles if you want to convert code , use this [LINK][/LINK] 21-Jun-2013
Articles i came across the issue , so because i was pressed to release my Kinect Game, i needed to work hard ... 06-Jun-2013
Articles are you sending an email behind a proxy ? 13-May-2013
Articles This is a very interesting and simple article. 18-Apr-2013
Articles Good Day Sgthomps The Example Project is in Visual Studio 2012 Thanks 04-Apr-2013
Articles Good Day i have no where in the example where i have the word [B]"RedEffectsEnabled"[/B] can ... 20-Feb-2013
Articles You are welcome 12-Sep-2012
Articles what does the Error Say , paste it here 17-Jul-2012
Articles Thanks , i have update the artcle 26-Jun-2012
Articles It does not work. i have attached an Example to prove that 22-Jun-2012
Articles That will follow on the second part of the Article i will definitely share the code , are you also u ... 24-May-2012
Articles I did not have enough time, in fact i did not write any article this year, i still need some free ti ... 24-May-2012

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