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Articles Hi Run Duration means how much time the test needs to run. If you selected 100 virtual users and ... 06-Jul-2012
Articles Hi Madhavi Load testing can be performed on any kind of test scripts like Unit test, Generic test ... 03-Oct-2011
Articles Yes. ASP.Net engine will automatically decrypt and read the correct values from an encrypted config ... 07-Sep-2011
Articles Hi Answer for your queries 1. You can place both Student and Mark inside same cs file. But, ... 15-May-2011
Articles Thanks Please refer the Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 tutorials from _http://www.dotnetfunda.c ... 16-Apr-2011
Articles Thanks to all. Regards Ambily 27-Feb-2011
Articles Thanks Madhu and Tripati Regards Ambily 22-Feb-2011
Articles Thanks SheoNarayan Thanks Ambily 22-Feb-2011
Articles Thanks Tripati Regards Ambily 15-Feb-2011
Articles Hi Amar Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, I didn't completed the 3rd part till now. Will publish i ... 14-Feb-2011
Articles Hi Mohammad Thanks. You can find my previous articles on web Test and Load test. http://www. ... 10-Feb-2011
Articles Thanks. Ambily 09-Feb-2011
Articles Congratulations Sheo Narayan. Best regards Ambily 01-Feb-2011
Articles You can refer the WF4.0 introduction Lessons from ... 10-Jan-2011
Articles Thanks Ambily 09-Dec-2010
Articles Thanks Regards Ambily 11-Nov-2010
Articles Thanks Regards Ambily 18-Oct-2010
Articles Thanks SheoNarayan. 20-Sep-2010
Articles Thanks so much. 22-Jul-2010
Articles Thanks 22-Jul-2010

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