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Category Codes Title
WPF XAML code to create a human face 2/28/2010 2630
C# How to create a module using C# compiler(csc) 2/28/2010 3391
C# Drawing Rectangle on Window 2/28/2010 1963
Sql Server Convert integers to character 2/26/2010 1780
Others Applet in JAVA showing a smiling face. 2/26/2010 11075
Others A Simple program in JAVA to pass arguments to the program from the command line. 2/26/2010 2182
WPF XAML code for skewing the canvas in WPF. 2/26/2010 2776
WPF XAML code to scale canvas in WPF. 2/26/2010 12649
WPF XAML code for Rotating the canvas. 2/26/2010 2330
Sql Server What is your database version? 2/26/2010 1761
Sql Server Know the user name of the current database 2/26/2010 1704
Sql Server How to know if a user is the member of the Windows NT group or SQL Server role? 2/26/2010 2115
Sql Server How to insert identity column into the destination table. 2/26/2010 3724
Sql Server Know your host id and host name in SQL Server 2/26/2010 7893
Others A simple resume in XML 11/30/2009 9678
Sql Server Adding foreign key to an existing table 11/30/2009 2804
Sql Server Creating foreign key at table creation. 11/30/2009 2650
Sql Server Adding primary key to an existing table. 11/30/2009 1800
Sql Server Adding primary key in a new table 11/30/2009 1910
Sql Server Deleting check constraints 11/29/2009 1809

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