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ASP.NET How to update a record in ADO.NET Entity Framework?  1 / 2196 27-Aug-2012
ASP.NET How to get particular item in list in c#?  1 / 1263 10-Aug-2012
C# How to create BAL and DAL layers and how to give reference to access them?  4 / 8306 29-Jun-2012
Others 404 - File or directory not found. I am getting this error?  3 / 1480 20-Jun-2012
C# How to findout the whether given is record is exists in table or not?  10 / 1566 15-Jun-2012
C# Regarding references of BAL and DAL layres, created as separate class library projects.  4 / 2094 06-Jun-2012
C# In my application Session.start and session.end is not working?  1 / 1249 26-May-2012
Visual Studio When i add New Empty Website to my Visual Studio, Solution is not there in that website?  Resolved 2 / 81237 24-May-2012
C# Which is better to create BAL and DAL.. Window Form Application or Class Library?  Resolved 6 / 2195 23-May-2012
Mobile Development In my mobile website it is not fitting to the size of the mobile screen?  2 / 1629 12-May-2012
ASP.NET What is the difference between GridView and Repeater Control?  8 / 14511 08-May-2012
Others Getting error in this code?  1 / 1252 02-May-2012
ASP.NET What is the use of Validation Group?  5 / 8349 27-Apr-2012
ASP.NET How to use cancel button for asp:image button?  5 / 2736 25-Apr-2012
CSS 3 How to add two or more css style to one textbox?  5 / 13261 21-Apr-2012
ASP.NET How to change the border of the asp:textbox, on click of the textbox?  Resolved 8 / 4439 20-Apr-2012
C# How to send Email confirmation to user on click of submit button?  5 / 2457 19-Apr-2012
ASP.NET I need a textbox for Date of birth?  7 / 11153 19-Apr-2012
JavaScript Anyone help me Javascript datepicker control?  1 / 1358 18-Apr-2012
ASP.NET How to allow only Numeric values into a textbox?  Resolved 20 / 103974 18-Apr-2012

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