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This will return the result for the login user. 26-Feb-2010
Hi- Steps to check- (1) Login to Databse server. (2) Open the query window (3) Select the Databa ... 26-Feb-2010
Object of MailMessage class .. 26-Feb-2010
the functionality of SSIS is similar to DTS. but SSIS Package is not a DTS Package. As if it will ... 04-Feb-2010
Hi Chikul- You can Explain here, how we can do the saqme with example. that will hlp user to bett ... 21-Dec-2009
Hi Virendradugar - it will be better if you can write any example of your above question. because ... 03-Dec-2009
Hi Syedshakeer- Can you explain what is JAX?? Thanks & Regards Lakhan Pal Garg 01-Dec-2009
Hi Syedshakeer- Please Make Correction in your Question. spelling of CELING should be CEILING. ... 30-Nov-2009
HI Abhijit Jana- I think you should explain little bit about your question here (it may be defini ... 26-Nov-2009
HI- You can use this too: SELECT GETDATE()-234 Thanks & Regards Lakhan Pal Garg 26-Nov-2009
Hi Syedshakeer- we really appreciate your efforts. Please Correct the Spelling mistake in your Que ... 19-Nov-2009
Good Effort Raja, Thanks :) 04-Nov-2009
Thanks Pandians for pointing out my mistake.. :-) 29-Sep-2009
Hi Virendra- None of the above mentioned is used as operator. Please check: ... 17-Sep-2009
Hi Virendra- Server.Transfer will work fine like this [CODE]Server.transfer("Default.HTML");[/COD ... 13-Sep-2009
Using OUTPUT Parameters. 25-Apr-2011

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