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Good point... Thanks and Regards Akiii 21-Jul-2012
Interesting feature ! Thanks and Regards Akiii 01-Jul-2012
Its a very good point. but can you tell me one more thing related to your question. What is the ... 06-Jun-2012
Good points ! Thanks and Regards Akiii 07-Jun-2012
This is great Sriram.. Thanks and Regards Akiii 04-Jun-2012
Hi, please show me your code ? Regards Akiii 20-Jun-2012
Hi jasmine... I just modified that ! See if you can find more errors, thanks anyway ! Regar ... 11-Jun-2012
Hi Lokesh, without using the [B][KnownType(typeof()][/B] attribute I can do that by creating objec ... 02-Jun-2012
Try this @Ras90it [CODE]SELECT tablefield, COUNT(tablefield) AS dup_count FROM tabl ... 01-Jun-2012
Its okay @Ras90it... Thanks and Regards Akiii 01-Jun-2012
Your question should be posted in a different category. But anyway, Have a good grip on OOPs because ... 01-Jun-2012
Hi @Ras90it.... distinct means it will fetch or Count unique values among duplicates ! Thanks ... 01-Jun-2012
Its okay @Ras90it... Thanks and Regards Akiii 01-Jun-2012
good one ! Regards Akiii 23-May-2012
Excellent Bharathi..... Thank you very much... Regards Akiii 23-May-2012
Good question @Bharathi....... Is there any number like 50 or 100 ? Thanks and Regards Akii ... 23-May-2012
Good explanation. Can you provide a sample code ? Thanks and Regards Akiii 23-May-2012
Yes Ajay.....that I have already mentioned ! Thanks and Regards Akiii 30-May-2012
This is good.... Regards Akiii 17-May-2012
Hi Balaji, Thanks for the encouragement. Regards Akiii 12-May-2012

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