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ASP.NET How many different types of triggers available ? what are they? 08-Dec-2010 5442
ASP.NET Main advantage of URL Re-Writting ? 08-Dec-2010 3667
ASP.NET In order to apply .net Remoting what are the essential requirements? 08-Dec-2010 4664
Sql Server How will you create a DML Trigger? 08-Dec-2010 2682
Sql Server Can we work on both (After) and (InsteadOf) Triggers in SQL on a single table? 06-Dec-2010 4991
Web Services, Remoting What does XML used for ? 24-Nov-2010 7811
ASP.NET What is Screen Scraping ? 24-Nov-2010 3813
ASP.NET What is the use of DIAGNOSTICS namespace in C#.Net? 24-Nov-2010 3684
Sql Server What is a VIEW in Sql Server? 24-Nov-2010 3659
ASP.NET When were Partial Methods intorduced ? (FrameWork ) 24-Nov-2010 5818
ASP.NET Which of the following is false regarding Constructors? a)There can be only one static constructor in the class b)The Static constructor should be without parameters c)Static constructor can be used to intialize both Static members and nonStatic members d)There should be no access modifier in static constructor definition 24-Nov-2010 4957
ASP.NET Where does Static variables store ? 24-Nov-2010 4223
ASP.NET What is the Difference between Internal and Protected Internal Access Modifiers? 24-Nov-2010 4386
ASP.NET What is Profile Based State in ASP State Management ? 03-Nov-2010 4355
C# When does GarbageCollector runs ? 01-Nov-2010 4193
ASP.NET What are the different types of Caching in ASP.Net ? 01-Nov-2010 8415
ASP.NET What are the properties and methods of cache Class ? 01-Nov-2010 3549
ASP.NET What is Application Pooling and what is its advantage ? 01-Nov-2010 10500
ASP.NET Describe about HttpContext Class ? 01-Nov-2010 5669
Networking Generally IP addresses are converted into ? 28-Oct-2010 5008

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