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Sql Server What is constant folding ? 08-Sep-2010 3757
Sql Server SQL Server connection is terminated after the query completes. Why ? 26-Aug-2010 4321
Sql Server How will you validate whether the linked server properly configured / not ? 25-Aug-2010 4541
Sql Server Difference between Database Migration and Upgradation ? 03-Aug-2010 9729
Sql Server What is Instance-aware and Instance-unaware Services in SQL Server ? 16-Jul-2010 12988
Sql Server What is the difference between following two statements ? 1. SELECT 'DotnetFunda' 'SQL Server' 2. SELECT 'DotnetFunda' = 'SQL Server' 16-Jul-2010 6237
Sql Server When will SQL Server throw an Error: "MSSQLSERVER ERROR 576" ? 15-Jul-2010 6378
Sql Server How will you calculate maximum range of "INT" Data Type ? 09-Jul-2010 10192
Sql Server When will you go for SQL Server Authentication instead of Windows Authentication ? 11-Jul-2010 4627
Sql Server How will you Enable / Disable Resource Governor Using T-SQL in SQL Server 2008 ? 26-May-2010 6434
Sql Server What is the difference between Host_Name() and ServerProperty('MachineName') Functions ? 24-May-2010 6943
Sql Server What is the Product code (Internal Code) for "SQL Server 2005", "SQL Server 2008" and "SQL Server 2008 R2" ? 17-May-2010 5805
Sql Server How many Evaluation Modes are there in "SQL Server 2008 - Policy Based Management" ? Which mode is manual ? 17-May-2010 5687
Sql Server SQL Server allows for only _____ levels of nesting in CASE expressions. 07-Sep-2009 16832
Sql Server How do you determine the maximum nested-level of Stored Procedure ? 03-Sep-2009 6608
Sql Server What is 'NEXT USED' in SQL Server ? 01-Sep-2009 9074
Sql Server A table can have maximum of 1024 partitions. 01-Sep-2009 13684
Sql Server What is Typed vs. Untyped XML in SQL Server ? Explain with an example 12-Aug-2009 15866
Sql Server DEFAULT definitions cannot be created on columns defined with the following DATA TYPE ? 12-Aug-2009 12390
Sql Server To modify a DEFAULT definition, We must first DELETE the existing DEFAULT definition and then Re-CREATE it with the new definition. 12-Aug-2009 4667

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