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C# What are Declaration Statements ? 03-Jun-2011 5395
C# Will the Following code compile ? double d = 5689.56; int i = d; 24-Mar-2011 8548
C# Can we have Secured a secured web page using HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS ? 24-Mar-2011 4193
C# Difference between Value types and Reference types ? 24-Mar-2011 5388
C# Which of the following is a value type in C# ? 24-Mar-2011 8428
C# What will be the output of the following code ? using System; public class BaseClass { public BaseClass() { Console.WriteLine("You are in Base Class of DotNetFunda"); } } public class ChildClass : BaseClass { public ChildClass() { Console.WriteLine("You are in Child Class of DotNetFunda"); } static void Main() { ChildClass CC = new ChildClass(); } } 24-Mar-2011 7016
C# Explain two different scenarios where the Static Constructors can be used ? 23-Mar-2011 6132
C# Why is it not a good programming practice to use empty Destructors ? 23-Mar-2011 4297
C# Can we force Garbage Collector to run ? 23-Mar-2011 5646
jQuery What are the advantages of JQuery ? 23-Mar-2011 7399
Design Pattern & Practices In what scenarios we should not use Design Patterns ? 23-Mar-2011 5539
C# What does the assert() method do in debug compilation ? 23-Mar-2011 5084
C# What are the different Debugging tools come with .Net SDK ? 23-Mar-2011 4236
C# What are the different Name Spaces that are used to create a localized application ? 23-Mar-2011 3849
C# Can we use the Throws clause to raise an exception ? 23-Mar-2011 5499
Web Services, Remoting What is the use of Diffgram ? 22-Mar-2011 4499
Web Services, Remoting What are VSDISCO files and what is the use of it ? 22-Mar-2011 5930
Web Services, Remoting What is SAX ? 22-Mar-2011 4134
C# How can we sort elements in an array in descending order ? 22-Mar-2011 6263
Aptitute Test A Worker agreeing to finish a work in 150 days, employed 75 men each working 8 hours daily. After 90 days, only 2/7 of the work was completed. Increasing the number of men by ________ each working now for 10 hours daily, the work can be completed in time. 22-Mar-2011 8412

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