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ASP.NET MVC Which of the following provides a async hyperlink? 13-May-2018 30751
C# You are developing 3-layered web application. You have to use log4Net to log exception,information and debug information. The application has class named LogException which contains following method Public static void LogError(Exception ex). As per the business requirements, you need to re-throw the original exception including the entire stack trace information and log all kind of exception using LogError method. Which of the following code base you are going to use? 09-Jun-2016 10025
Sql Server You have database table named purchaseHistory that contains million of rows. The table have primary key name purcharseId. User frequently use a query that includes the region and status column, with the where clause condition. Your task is to improve the performance of this query? 18-Dec-2015 2374
ASP.NET What is the difference between Web Form and Web Page? 03-Dec-2015 7283
Sql Server Which of the following is a server-scoped securable? 14-Oct-2015 2369
Sql Server The Clients table includes the following columns ClientId Spouse Kid1 Kid2 Kid3 which statement correctly identifies the normalization level of above table? 14-Oct-2015 1885
Sql Server You would include a HAVING clause in a query to 13-Oct-2015 2268
Sql Server How can you prevent user to enter duplicate value into column while creating a table? 11-Oct-2015 2362
Mobile Development Your are designing User interface(UI) Window Store App.It must be fast and fluid, and at the same time it provides visual feedback to users for their activities. You have to complete this along with animations. How you accomplish such taks? 29-Sep-2015 2016
Sql Server You have two tables in your database namely, currentStock and previousStock. These both tables have productName column. you need to display the name of all products from these both the tables,but leave off the twin course names. whcih operator should you use in query for getting desire output? 27-Jun-2015 1842
Sql Server A user-defined function must have 27-Jun-2015 1752
Sql Server You need to ensure that if a row in a parent table is deleted, it must delete all related child rows in another table. 27-Jun-2015 1606
ASP.NET You are going to developed three layered web application using ASP.Net. In which, you need to use WIF(window identity foundation) to crate a custom token.To complete this task, which of the following class you need to overRide? 21-Feb-2015 5293
ASP.NET Which methods of the RoleProvider class determine whether a user is assigned a role or set of roles 21-Feb-2015 5480
ASP.NET MVC Your are developing mvc application in which you want to allow access of certain method in your controller class to a role named client which attribute or code snippet you can use to achieve this goal? 21-Feb-2015 23619
ASP.NET MVC What kind of helper methods does WebSecurity class provide? 21-Feb-2015 27525
ASP.NET Which method of FormsAuthentication class you can use to register the authentication cookies which you can use throughout the user’s visit? 21-Feb-2015 4645
ASP.NET MVC Your newly developed web application in ASP.Net MVC have found major bug on Product controller. Right now you just want to skip all Product pages until the bug is fixed. How could you achieve this task? 11-Feb-2015 24940
ASP.NET Your company has assigned one task to you in which you have to improve ASP.Net web application ranking in search engine results. In this task you have to spend your most of time in a section which is highly interactive, with extensive mouse-over colour and background change. Without looking at the code, what is the most likely reason for ranking low in search engine results? 06-Feb-2015 5191
ASP.NET Your company has assigned task to assess its web application as a user for finding out problematic area in the application. In this task you have to review site from outside of company network and put more focus on SEO and accessibility of application. which tool would you use to perform this task? 05-Feb-2015 4016

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