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Sql Server What is the output of this query? select case when null = null then 'Yes' else 'No' end as Result; 02-Nov-2016 23429
Oracle Which function implements IF..THEN ELSE logic? 14-Nov-2016 5138
Oracle Which date components does the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function display? 14-Nov-2016 4955
Oracle What is the value for SIGN(NVL(-16,0))? 14-Nov-2016 4134
Oracle ORACLE maintains referential integrity by automatically removing dependent foreign key values if a referenced primary or unique key value is removed. Which is called as? 14-Nov-2016 3847
Web Services, Remoting What are the various credential types used along with OAuth 2.0? 04-Nov-2016 4204
Oracle What is the Maximum Number of triggers can be applied in a Table? 03-Nov-2016 4793
Oracle How to see Current User name who using in Oracle? 03-Nov-2016 3540
Oracle What is the Cluster Key? 03-Nov-2016 3545
Oracle Which of the following query will show you which constraints is mapped to which table? 03-Nov-2016 2706
Oracle What is BCP? What is its Use? 03-Nov-2016 2160
WCF What is ABC in WCF? 02-Nov-2016 2142
WCF Communication between computers across peer-to-peer services. Supports duplex contracts. Which of the following? 02-Nov-2016 4160
WCF What is MTOM? 02-Nov-2016 1905
Sql Server What is Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)? 02-Nov-2016 2002
Sql Server What is MDX in SSAS(Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services) ? 02-Nov-2016 2793
Sql Server What is the difference between the RANK() and DENSE_RANK() functions? 02-Nov-2016 2131
Sql Server Write a SQL query to find the 5th highest employee salary from an Employee table. 02-Nov-2016 3337
Sql Server What does UNION do? What is the difference between UNION and UNION ALL? 02-Nov-2016 2231
Node.js The Maximum time span can be set in the Timer in setTimeout(a,b)? 27-Oct-2016 3855

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