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WCF What is MTOM? 12-Feb-2013 4567
WCF Which message encoding format/s is/are available in WCF? 12-Feb-2013 16229
WCF Which is/are available Instance Mode/s in WCF? 04-Feb-2013 14544
WCF What is/are the type/s of Messaging pattern/s in WCF? 30-Jan-2013 11859
C# Can we declare a default constructor (a constructor with no parameters) for a structure? 29-Jan-2013 3370
Sql Server What is the Maximum Number of Index per Table? 24-Jan-2013 3257
C# What will be out put of following code: static void doIncrement(ref int param) { param++; } static void Main() { int arg; // not initialized doIncrement(ref arg); Console.WriteLine(arg); } 23-Jan-2013 2977
WCF Which is/are the possible value/s of ConcurrencyMode enumeration in WCF? 23-Jan-2013 12623
WCF Which are the available types of transport schemas in WCF? 23-Jan-2013 34760
WCF Which type of securities are available in WCF? 18-Jan-2013 19360
C# Can we Inherit the class defined with private constructor? 15-Jan-2013 3996
C# By which method we can get the version of installed .Net Framework? 15-Jan-2013 4834
OOPS What output will be come from the code: private void ShowMessage() { try { MessageBox.Show("Try block."); return; } catch { MessageBox.Show("Execption."); } finally { MessageBox.Show("Finally."); } } 15-Jan-2013 12333
Sql Server Can we use SELECT statement in CHECK constraint statement in Create Table statment as follows : CHECK(DeptID IN (Select DeptID from Department)) ? 18-Dec-2012 5982

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