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ASP.NET Garbage collector runs ? 07-Dec-2009 10989
ASP.NET Which of the following does the actual .NET code execute ? 07-Dec-2009 11095
ASP.NET You want to only get changed data in a dataset which of the below is the best way ? 07-Dec-2009 17258
ASP.NET What is the fastest way to concat strings in ASP.NET ? What should you do? 07-Dec-2009 25579
ASP.NET As a developer you are displaying product data from SQL Server. Product table has Productid and ProductName. You write ADO.NET code that uses a SqlDataAdapter object and a SqlCommand object to retrieve the product data from the database by calling a stored procedure. You set the CommandType property of the SqlCommand object to CommandType.StoredProcedure. You set the CommandText property of the object to procProductList. Your code successfully files a DataTable object with a list of products that is sorted by ProductID in descending order. You want the data to be displayed in reverse alphabetic order by ProductName. What should you do? 07-Dec-2009 14581
ASP.NET What concept does the above sample code demonstrate? internal class Piston {} internal class Engine { private Piston[] myPistons = new Piston[4]; public bool Ignition() { //some code } } public class Car { private Engine myEngine = new Engine(); public void Start() { //put in keys etc.. if (myEngine.Ignition()) { //some more code } } } 07-Dec-2009 16152

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