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HTML 5 What are differences between HTML and DHTML? 13-Oct-2010 31285
IIS List of Error & Status codes in IIS 6.0? 11-Oct-2010 9855
IIS What is IIS metabase? And In which format IIS stors configurations? 11-Oct-2010 7061
QA (Testing) What is Error, Bug and Defect? 07-Oct-2010 5481
QA (Testing) What is STLC? Explain about the steps of STLC? 07-Oct-2010 12803
CSS 3 Is CSS case Sensitive? 07-Oct-2010 4246
CSS 3 In HTML attributes, CSS properties which one take precedence over another? 07-Oct-2010 4662
QA (Testing) What is Alpha and Beta Testing ? 07-Oct-2010 5180
ADO.NET How to convert a DataSet to a DataReader? 26-Sep-2010 12122
ASP.NET Difference between Session object and Profile object in ASP.NET? 26-Sep-2010 5830
IIS What is the default user name of an anonymous login in IIS? 20-Sep-2010 6318
IIS How can we take back-ups in IIS Server? 20-Sep-2010 5688
WCF in WCF, Which contract is used to document the errors occurred in the service to client? 17-Sep-2010 12006
Web Services, Remoting In XML What is CDATA Attribute? 16-Sep-2010 5236
.NET Framework Which NameSpace is used to get the information of events about the system, devices like Hard disk serial No, Operating System and Processor? 14-Sep-2010 7399
.NET Framework Which design pattern is implemented in the below code snippet? using System; public class MyClass { private static MyClass instance; private MyClass() {} public static MyClass Instance { get { if (instance == null) { instance = new MyClass(); } return instance; } } } 14-Sep-2010 7153
C# Write the syntax of foreach loop with hashtable and get the key, value pair from the hashtable? 14-Sep-2010 5285
.NET Framework What is equivalent for regsvr32.exe in .NET? 06-Sep-2010 5607
C# Example for Compile time Polymorphism and Example for Run time Polymorphism? 06-Sep-2010 6723
Web Services, Remoting What are the properties of a [WebMethod ] attribute? 29-Aug-2010 7031

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