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AngularJS 1x How can we restrict Directives to be invoked only by specific methods? 28-Mar-2016 2204
AngularJS 1x Can we have nested Controllers in Angular Js? 28-Mar-2016 3430
AngularJS 1x What is $rootscope and how it is useful? 28-Mar-2016 1833
AngularJS 1x What is the meaning of Directive in Angular Js? List some of them. 28-Mar-2016 1563
jQuery How to set a value for an element in jQuery? 28-Mar-2016 1788
AngularJS 1x What is Angular Js? 24-Mar-2016 8894
ASP.NET Can we make all Ajax calls Cache free? 18-Mar-2016 1454
AngularJS 1x How to create an object in Angular JS 18-Mar-2016 1694
AngularJS 1x How to loop elements in Angular Js 18-Mar-2016 1300
ASP.NET We generally have this question in most of the interviews on Garbage collector 1) What is the need of Garbage Collector? 2) How does the Object Generations come into the picture? 3) How the objects get Disposed based on Generations? 4) Will an Object will be moved from One Generation to another? 5) Why there are multiple generations when we are anyways clearing the memory? 16-Mar-2016 1663
AngularJS 1x Explain how Angular JS Boot process works? 11-Mar-2016 6325
ASP.NET MVC What are Scaffold templates in MVC? 08-Mar-2016 4006
ASP.NET MVC What is Dependency Injection and how it is useful in MVC? 08-Mar-2016 4250
ASP.NET MVC How can we add a CSS file in Razor View? 08-Mar-2016 3628
ASP.NET MVC Can we implement Ajax using Jquery in MVC? 07-Mar-2016 23072
ASP.NET MVC Please mention the order of the Filters that get executed when we implement multiple filters in the application. A) Response filters B) Exception filters C) Action filters D) Authorization filters 07-Mar-2016 21757
ASP.NET MVC Which of the following is the Segment which is important routing in MVC? 07-Mar-2016 22300
ASP.NET MVC What is the role of Database Intializer for Code First approach in Entity Framework? 01-Mar-2016 2613
ASP.NET MVC Why we need to prefer MVC over Webforms? 01-Mar-2016 2959
ASP.NET Using which property can we turn off Cookies in our web page? 02-Dec-2014 3654

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