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C# Global.asax file can be downloaded via the Url like : True or False 06-Mar-2014 5460
ASP.NET Global.asax file is mandatory in an application. True or False 06-Mar-2014 7137
C# Can multiple catch blocks that correspond to a single try block executed ? try { ///some error code } catch(Exception1 ex) { ///some code } catch(Exception2 ex) { ///some code } catch(Exception3 ex) { ///some code } catch(Exception4 ex) { ///some code } 03-Mar-2014 4782
ASP.NET How can you get the extension from a File upload control ? 03-Mar-2014 1813
.NET Framework GC.SuppressFinalize Method means "Do not call the Garbage Collector at runtime for the specified object ? True or False 02-Mar-2014 10560
C# Attributes can be applied to ? 02-Mar-2014 6839
ASP.NET Controls and View State are not fully loaded in the Page_Load event. True or False ? 11-Nov-2012 5560
ASP.NET Page_Init event occurs only when the first time the page is started. True or False ? 11-Nov-2012 4294
JavaScript What is a JavaScript Escape Characters ? 30-Oct-2012 3150
JavaScript Give an example of JavaScript Print ? 30-Oct-2012 2873
LINQ Write a query to get the single employee name when there are many employees whose name is "test" in the database ? 30-Oct-2012 6616
LINQ Write a query to get the list of all employees whose name is "test" ? 30-Oct-2012 3098
ASP.NET What is mean by Model First development in Entity Framework ? 30-Oct-2012 2488
ASP.NET What is a Scalar and Navigation property in Entity framework ? 30-Oct-2012 27565
ASP.NET What do you mean by Code First Approach in Entity Framework ? 30-Oct-2012 3264
ASP.NET Briefly describe the ObjectContext class ? 29-Oct-2012 2927
ASP.NET What are the 3 things that are contained in EDM (Entity Data Model) ? 29-Oct-2012 3135
ASP.NET What is the main role of Entity Client Data Provider ? 29-Oct-2012 2856
ASP.NET State a simple difference between a Skin and a Theme ? 21-Oct-2012 3427
WCF State 3 Duplex contract problems in WCF ? 14-Oct-2012 3523

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