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C# What is the purpose of x86, x64 and anycpu platform switch in C# compiler? 22-May-2011 5809
LINQ When generating database mappings using LINQ to SQL, which tool allows you to create entity classes using a convenient graphical interface? 11-May-2011 34517
ASP.NET How do you customize an ASP.Net page so that it will use a custom browser configuration instead of the default browser capabilities object? 08-May-2011 8736
ASP.NET What is the Pages MaxPageStateFieldLength for? 08-May-2011 13527
ADO.NET Which data-related class do you use to help prevent SQL injection attacks? 02-May-2011 10577
ASP.NET AJAX When using AJAX, which attribute do you add to a web service class that creates a proxy object enabling a web service to be called by client side JavaScript? 27-Apr-2011 12421
Sql Server Can we use TOP with UPDATE and DELETE on partitioned views? 05-Apr-2011 8610
IIS What is the purpose of IIS application pools? 28-Mar-2011 11585
WCF What does a Windows Communication Foundation, or WCF, service application use to present exception information to clients by default? 15-Mar-2011 8681
ASP.NET When health monitoring is enabled, which property is required in the health monitoring section of the web.config file? 15-Mar-2011 6870
ASP.NET Which object do you use when you need to know the type and version of the browser requesting the current web page? 10-Mar-2011 7193
ASP.NET AJAX Which base class is extended once ASP.NET automatically parses and compiles the global.asax file into a dynamic .NET Framework class? 10-Mar-2011 17228

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