Calling same window service simultaneously at run time

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Hi All,

The tool that I am working creates an MPP using window service. The window service to create an MPP will be called through the main application code and an MPP will be generated successfully. But if two or more people try to generate the MPP at the same time, the application throws error that Service is used by another.

I have read in few places that it is a restriction of windows and multiple window services cannot run simultaneously. We have also tried using multithreading approach, but is of no use.

Kindly any one let me know is there an alternate approach for this problem.How to run multiple window services simultaneously.



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Thanks for the reply.
I did refer to the link. But I do not want to use either a batch file or a DOS command to make the service run. In our application, we call the window service from the application code through a VB.Net code.
When users are interacting with the application, only the first user will be able to create the MPP successfully. If any other user tries to generate at the same time, error would be thrown and this is because multiple window services cannot be run.


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