Forum Guidelines- Before Posting or Answering a Question

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Note: All the Experts that work for DotNetFunda are not full-time employees of the site. They have their daily Jobs. But they spend their free time answering your questions. Please do not expect them to be always available on the site. until one day we employ someone to answer a technical questions.

Please use polite / request words while asking questions. Please do not use any words that feels order or demand as all members answer the questions out of their interest and to help others by sharing their knowledge.

When posting a question:
1. Before you post a question on the forum Please take your time and read it again and make sure that another person will understand what you have written.

2. When Posting a code ,highlight the code and use the code tag from our toolbox [ code ]...[ /code ]

3. When Posting a Link, add highlight the link and use the link tag from our toolbox [ link ]...[ /link ]

4. When posting on the forum use the correct category for your question.

5. If you want to share your knowledge, please write an Article or share your code. In the forum we don't accept that kind of posting.

6 . Do not be Afraid to ask a question, there is no stupid question.

7. Always mark your answer as resolved when you got a solution from the forum. Even if you got it somewhere,it might be useful for someone. share your solution and mark it as resolved.

8. When Posting your Subject or Title must be meaningful. Please do not post e.g ("C#","SQL") as your Subject.

9. Do not reply to a resolved post.

10. If you have marked the post as resolved, Do not continue a discussion. rather start a new post.

When answering a question:

11. Read the question before you answer.

12. Understand that English is not everyone's first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar.

13. If the question was not clear to you, please ask the poster to rephrase the question to your understanding.

14. If the question is inappropriate then click Alert Moderator link so that the administrator can remove it or maintain order.

15. Insults and bad language are not welcome in this forum. What is basic to you might not be basic to someone else. Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.

16. Make sure that the link you provide to the poster is related to the question asked.

17. Do not Post the same question twice. Be patient someone will answer your question .

18 If these Rules are not Followed; we will take away your points that you have earned and you might even loose the price that is won every month if you were about to. Just because of this rules.

Never do the Following:

19. Never advertise on the Forum, because this will make us ban you from the site or take away points from you. If found your account will be be disabled for one month.

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda



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