How to check email is autoresponder?

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Do we have any mechanism to check from POP whether the email sent over a Auto-responder or not using ASP.NET?


I am having an application in which I used to read email from POP and generate a new ID for client whomsoever has sent an email and send the confirmation back to the same client. But, if any user have set Auto Responder in their mail box then it again generates the new ID which should not happen.

So, Please let me know if anyone have idea about how to differentiate Auto-responder mails using ASP.NET.


Sunder Magar


Posted by: Gemamgall on: 6/28/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

You can put a lock on I'd creation for same email I'd

And if you could capture time difference of mail you sent and response you received is less than x seconds ,you can stop id creation

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Vinay Gandhi

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