How to find particular URL from within anchor tag using JavaScript or jQuery

Posted by Vishalneeraj-24503 under JavaScript on 6/28/2021 | Points: 10 | Views : 2007 | Status : [Member] [MVP] | Replies : 0
Hi All,

I want to extract URL from Anchor tag.

Below Anchor tag is defined in Asp.Net Search.Aspx page.

<a onclick = "call_new_url({"abxz":1,"emps":"","ufd":1},"http://localhost:8989/Search.aspx?aa=1;")" style="position: relative;"></a>

Now I want to retrieve ONLY http://localhost:8989/Search.aspx?aa=1; PART from anchor tag using JavaScript or jQuery.

Note - There is no href defined in anchor tag.

Can anyone help me on this?

I tried with indexOf and substring method but it's not working.

Is there any other in-built method?


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