Extract a value from HTML string

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I have below HTML string, I have a division tag which contains head class means it's header. And after that value contains.

<div class="skr head">
<div class="skrcell">Name</div>
<div class="skrcell">Experience</div>
<div class="skrcell">Date</div>

<div class="skr">
<div class="skrcell mtch">My Sql</div>
<div class="skrcell">0.06 Years</div>
<div class="skrcell">1st Jan 2020</div>

<div class="skr">
<div class="skrcell mtch">My Sql</div>
<div class="skrcell">5</div>
<div class="skrcell">2nd Nov 2021</div>

Now I want to extract 0.06 Years and 5 from Experience cell and same time I have to update the new value after some manipulation on the same cell.

Similar, 1st Jan 2020 & 2nd Nov 2021 from Date Cell.

Kindly Help. This I need to do in C#.


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