Can you explain how SCRUM flows?

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Below figure ‘SCRUM Flow’ shows how the development flow moves in a project. We will understand the SCRUM flow step by step.

Step 1:- Product owner (i.e. the customer) creates a list of product log (list of functionalities).

Step 2 and 3:- In these phases we sit with the customer and prioritize the product catalog. We discuss with the customer which functionality is must and must be delivered first.

Step 4 and 5:- In both these phases we breakdown the product catalog in to tasks called as sprint backlog.

Step 6:- We start executing the sprint task and monitoring the sprint activity.

Step 7 and 8:- Once we are done with the sprint activity, we take the next sprint / task by again going to the sprint phase.

Step 9:- If there are no more sprint / task the product log is completed, which means the project is completed.

Figure: - SCRUM Flow

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