C# Interview questions:- What role did your play in your current project?

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This is again a great c# interview question , but .NET professionals tend to answer this question in one liners like i am a developer , project manager.

In todays world people expect professionals who can do multitasking. The best way to approach the answer is by explaining what things did you do in the complete SDLC cycle. Below goes my version of the answer , you can tailor the same as per your needs.

My main role in the project was coding , unit testing and bug fixing. Said and done that i was involved in all phases of the project.

I worked with the business analyst in the requirement phase to gather requirements and was a active member in writing use cases.

I also assisted the technical architect in design phase. In design phase i helped the architect in proof of concept  and putting down the technical design document.

My main role was in coding phase where i executed project with proper unit testing.

In system integration test and UAT i was actively involved in bug fixing.

Other than the project i help COE team for any kind of RND and POC work.

In case you are doing some extra activities in the company like helping COE , presales team or any other initative do speak about the same.


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Posted by: Kishork80 on: 2/28/2011
Well said... Just to add on top of that Take some extra time and make them comfortable what you say. Alos before your answer Just try to gauge their expectation and job requirement for the post. and last TIP:
Always show them that you are very OPEN MINDED and can play ANY role depending on the scenarios inside team. Good Luck...

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