Consider we have a WCF Data Service as MyService.It has an entity say Employee that has 4 properties namely age, name, salary and gender.There are a total of 56 records being present in Employee entity. Our requirement is to fetch the records between 41 to 56.Also the records will be sorted by salary. Which of the below WCF Data Service Query will help to do that?

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  1. http://<uri>/MyService.svc/Employees?$skip=40&$orderby=salary
  2. http://<uri>/MyService.svc/Employees?$fetch=40&$orderby=salary
  3. http://<uri>/MyService.svc/Employees?$between=40AND56&$orderby=salary
  4. http://<uri>/MyService.svc/Employees?$skip>40AND<=56&$orderby=salary
  5. All Above

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