Figure out the benefits of Entity Framework from the below options

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  1. EF can be use with many of DB's (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres,SQL CE etc.)
  2. System will create objects as well as track changes on those objects and simplify the process of updating/querying the database thereby eliminating a large chunk of code to be written and maintain by us using way.
  3. Since the mapping between the domain objects and database objects is specified declaratively (SSDL, CSDL and C-S mapping present inside the .Edmx file) and not in code, if we need to alter the database schema, we can minimize the impact on the code.In the EDMX designer we onlt need to refresh and the altered model will be loaded without impacting the earlier OR design.
  4. Lazy loading and eager loading
  5. All Above

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