What is Web Farm ?

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This is one of the most question in IIS. And along with that interviewer can as what is the different between Web farm and Web Garden ?

When we hosted our web Application on multiple web server under a load balancer call the Web Farm. This is generally used for heavy load web application where there are many user request at a time. So When Web Application is hosted on Different IIS Server over a load balancer, Load balancer is responsible for distribute the load on different server.

Please have a look into this :

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Posted by: Lakhangarg on: 11/26/2009
HI Abhijit Jana-

I think you should explain little bit about your question here (it may be definition). then you can give the link for more details.

i think that will be beneficial for the user. user can read definition here and if interested then can visit other link.

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Lakhan Pal Garg

Posted by: Abhijit Jana on: 11/26/2009
Lakhan Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I have already posted one article for the same, thats why I have given the link.

As you suggested. I will update. Thanks Again !

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