What is the difference between Parse and TryParse method?

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Parse method is used to parse any value to specified data type.

For example

string test = "42";
int32 Result;
Result = Int32.Parse(test);

This will work fine bt what if when you are aware about the value of string variable test.

if test="abc"....

In that case if u try to use above method, .NET will throw an exception as you are trying to convert string data to integer.

TryParse is a good method if the string you are converting to an interger is not always numeric.

if(!Int32.TryParse(test,out iResult))
//do something

The TryParse method returns a boolean to denote whether the conversion has been successfull or not, and returns the converted value through an out parameter.

**declare variable iResult of Int32.

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