What is different b/w webconfig.xml & Machineconfig.xml

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Web.config & machine.config both are configuration files.Web.config contains settings specific to an application where as machine.config contains settings to a computer. The Configuration system first searches settings in machine.config file & then looks in application configuration files, Web.config, can appear in multiple directories on an ASP.NET Web application server. Each Web.config file applies configuration settings to its own directory and all child directories below it. There is only Machine.config file on a web server.

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Posted by: Puneet20884 on: 1/5/2010
Simpy machine config is in context to the whole IIS and Work Processors so every work processor first looks in to it for the configuration of the machine like impersonation the the Web config of the particular application is considered. In other words, the machine config is a common platform to define the configuration settings to every of the application hosted on a system wheras the web config is for a single application of folder in an application.

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