Does Abstract classes contain Constructor?

 Posted by G_arora on 4/29/2010 | Category: C# Interview questions | Views: 27839
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  1. No
  2. Not possible
  3. Yes
  4. All Above

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Posted by: Surisetti.rajesh on: 5/3/2010
Posted by: Puneet20884 on: 5/18/2010
thanks !!
Posted by: Ray.chayan on: 6/26/2010
What is the need for constructor in abstract class as we can't instantiate the class
Posted by: G_arora on: 6/26/2010
Good one, you asked.

Right now I am going very short of time, so, just to share you. The answer for your question is 'Composition'.

Do one thing create an abstract class with default constructor private and then play it with. You will get the answer in your hands.

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