What is the use of Global.asax File in ASP.NET Application ?

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The Global.asax file is an optional file and can be stored
in root directory. This File is in accesible for web-sites.
This Global.asax file contained in HttpApplicationClass.
In Global.asax file we can declare global variables like for
example the variables used in master pages because same
variables can be used for different pages right.It provides
more security than others.
The Global.asax file is used to handle application-level
and session-level events.
we donot worry about configuring Global.asax because it is
itself configured. Accessing the Global.asax file can not be possible.
while one request is in processing it is impossible to
send another request, we can not get response for other
request and even we can not start a new session.
while adding this Global.asax file to our application bydefault it contains five methods,
Those methods are:

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