What is the difference GridView and between DataGrid(Windows)?

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GridView :

1) GridView Control Enables you to add sorting,pagingand editing capabilities without writing any code.

2)GridView Control Automatically Supports paging by setting the ‘PagerSetting’ Property.The Page Setting Property supports four Modles
a. Numeric(by default)
b. Next Previous
c. NumericFirstLast
d. Next PreviousLast

3)It is Used in asp.net

4)GridView Supports RowUpdating and RowUpdated Events.

5)GidView is Capable of Pre-Operations and Post-Operations.

6)GridView Has EditTemplates for this control

7)It has AutoFormat


1)DataGid Control raises single Event for operations

2)DataGird Supports the SortCommand Events that occur when a column is Soted.

3)DataGrid Supports UpdataCommand Event that occurs when the UpdateButton is clicked for an item in the grid.

4)DataGrid is used in Windows GUI Application.

5)It doesnot have EditTemplates for this control

6)It doesnot have AutoFormat

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