What are the differences between WPF and SilverLight ?

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Both WPF ans SilverLight are the technologies used for creating applications that have a rich user interface (i.e.: Animations, Brushes,Drawings, Layouts etc).

Both use XAML for the designing and use OOPS
SilverlIght 2 onwards supports OOPS

But a lot of differences exist between these two technologies

WPF:(Windows Presentation Foundation):

1)It is used mainly for the desktop applications,but its components can be used
in ASP.NET web sites also.
2)It can run as standalone application(.exe's)
3)It is Windows dependant.
4)cAN be run from desktop or from the browser.
5))Can access the database directly(not in Wpf Browser applications)
6))Does not need browser plugins.
7)Use Root Tags like Window, Page,UserControl.

1(Used in web site development.
2)Implemented by embedding its output in a web page using the proper components.
SilverLight applications can be execvted from a desktop using the
Out of Browser feature (SilverLight 3 onwards).
3)It is not Windows dependant. It can be implemented on Linux(MoonLight)
and the Nokis OS Symbian.
4)cAN be run from desktop or from the browser.
5)cannot access the database directly.
We have to use WCF/ Web Service.
6)Needs a browser plugin to download and execute the silverlight content in a web page.
7)Use Root Tags Like UserControl, Page.

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