Difference between VARCHAR and NVARCHAR

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1.Storage: 8 bit
2.Abbreviation: Variable -Length Character String
3.Accepts only English character
4.Doesn't supports other language symbols
5.Runs faster than NVARCHAR as consumes less memory
6.Use this when you develop the application for only local purpose


1.Storage: 16 bit
2.Abbreviation: uNicode
3.Accepts both English character and non-English symbols
4.supports other language symbols
5.Runs slower than VARCHAR as consumes less memory
6.Use this when you use your application globally

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Posted by: Questpond on: 1/27/2011 | Points: 10
N in the nvarchar stands for unicode. Nvarchar comsumes more space than varchar. Its of 2 bytes. So nvarchar can store english as well non english characters. My personal view is that in todays worlds its better to keep nvarchar so that in case we have to acoomodate more languages tommorrow we do not need to worry on DB design.

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Posted by: Sathya4260 on: 1/27/2011 | Points: 10
Thats right,

When we are developing software globally we should always use nvarchar, and thats wat i have mentioned in last point...

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