How the garbage collector knows when to collect garbage ?

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The garbage collector's optimizing engine determines the best time to perform a collection based upon the allocations being made. When the garbage collector performs a collection, it checks for objects in the managed heap that are no longer being used by the application and performs the necessary operations to reclaim their memory.

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Posted by: Kishork80 on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
GC keeps a list of all Strong Reference objects and Weak Reference objects used by the application at Run time. It collects Weak Reference objects when not in use by the Appication. It gives another chance or keep an eye on Strong Reference objects as well. As soon as Strong Reference objects are not being used then the same is moved to Weak Reference objects . hence GC collects it while cleaning memory.
Posted by: Akiii on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
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Posted by: Lokesh76 on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
Garbage collection occurs when one of the following conditions is true:

1. The system has low physical memory.

2. The memory that is used by allocated objects on the managed heap surpasses an acceptable threshold. This means that a threshold of acceptable memory usage has been exceeded on the managed heap. This threshold is continuously adjusted as the process runs.

3. The GC.Collect method is called. In almost all cases, you do not have to call this method, because the garbage collector runs continuously. This method is primarily used for unique situations and testing.

Posted by: Akiii on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
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But how is this managed heap threshold there is any fixed way by which the framework or the compiler does that....?

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Posted by: Lokesh76 on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
Hi Akiii,

There is nothing fixed but yes by default on 32 bit computer for each process has 2 GB virtual address space but nothing fixed threshold adjusted based on process runs on computer.

Posted by: Akiii on: 5/7/2011 | Points: 10
hi lokesh...

i think we can adjust that virtual memory also...manually!

thank you for ur answer....
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