What is the address formats of the WCF transport schemas?

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Address format of WCF transport schema always follow
[transport]://[machine or domain][:optional port] format.

For example: HTTP Address Format :
The way to read the above url is "Using HTTP, go to the machine called localhost, where on port 8888 someone is waiting" When the port number is not specified, the default port is 80.

TCP Address Format net.tcp://localhost:8888/MyService When a port number is not specified, the default port is 808: net.tcp://localhost/MyService NOTE: Two HTTP and TCP addresses from the same host can share a port, even on the same machine.
IPC Address Format net.pipe://localhost/MyPipe We can only open a named pipe once per machine, and therefore it is not possible for two named pipe addresses to share a pipe name on the same machine. MSMQ Address Format net.msmq://localhost/private/MyService net.msmq://localhost/MyService

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