What are the restrictions of using Subquery in SQL Server?

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Subquery can be used where an expression is possible. There are certain limitation of using Subquery, they are

A subquery is subject to the following restrictions:

#. The select list of a subquery introduced with a comparison operator can include only one expression or column name (except that EXISTS and IN operate on SELECT * or a list, respectively).

#. If the WHERE clause of an outer query includes a column name, it must be join-compatible with the column in the subquery select list.

#. The ntext, text, and image data types cannot be used in the select list of subqueries.

#. Because they must return a single value, subqueries introduced by an unmodified comparison operator (one not followed by the keyword ANY or ALL) cannot include GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.

#. The DISTINCT keyword cannot be used with subqueries that include GROUP BY.

#. The COMPUTE and INTO clauses cannot be specified.

#. ORDER BY can only be specified when TOP is also specified.

#. A view created by using a subquery cannot be updated.

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