How to disable the page viewstate by

 Posted by Syedshakeer on 8/24/2009 | Category: ASP.NET Interview questions | Views: 17680
Select from following answers:
  1. @ Page EnableViewState="false"
  2. pages enableViewState="false"
  3. ViewState="false"
  4. 1) and 2)
  5. All Above

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Posted by: Raja on: 8/24/2009
Hello Syed,

As per you the correct answer is 1st but there is no text attached to that point. Can you please correct it. This is very interesting question and I want to know the exact answer.

Posted by: Syedshakeer on: 8/24/2009
sory users,i submited 1) and 2) answer including it is disabled.

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