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    A teacher of literature in high school. My goal as a teacher is the formation and transformation of the student's personality. My profession has become my vocation, I can not imagine my life without communication with children. This is very interesting and incredibly responsible, because the teacher helps the process of intellectual and emotional development of a person.
    Communication with students is part of my profession, but I'm also interested in this from the point of view of the psychology that interests me.
    I really like animals, I spend my free time with a dog and a cat. I think that animals need each person, they affect our emotional state. Pets can be one of the sources of happiness in the family, they create coziness in the house and make their owners more kind.
    In my spare time I develop my writing skills. Writing an essay helps me become a better writer and learn to better understand the students. I have a lot of scientific publications, topessaybuy articles in newspapers and magazines. My experience helps me write essays on almost any topic. I offer excellent written service with consistency of content quality.
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