MSBI or .NET which one is good for career ??

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HI, I've been working on MSBI (Production Support) since 11 months. Now I got an opportunity to move in as a .NET developer. L'ill confused whether to take it or not. Which one has more scope in near future: MSBI or .NET??

Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 29, 2015 :

It is perhaps the tough question to answer for me. As I am mostly into development so I would suggest .NET development :D.

MSBI is also good and have great scope out there however your scope of job will be limited to the technology you uses and only to the certain type of work. Whereas .NET have vast scope and its job opportunities are not limited as in compare with MSBI. So that job opportunities will be more and chances of earnings might also be more depending on how well you are doing.

There are challenges in .NET development as the technology may change more frequently that MSBI so if you are good enough in grasping newer technology and keeping in pace with the changing technologies perhaps .NET would be better than MSBI.

However you should consider based on what is your liking and what you enjoy more. If you are enjoying MSBI, be where you are and try to excel in what you are doing. Try to learn other technologies that helps in doing Business Intelligence that will broaden your scope in that type of work and help in your career growth.

Hope this will help you in taking your decision. Thanks and good luck.

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I agree with Sheo's advice, I will suggest you to go for .Net Technology.
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You can start with SSIS/SSRS first because this is about Data Integration/Reporting. Mostly you would see job requirements such as "SQL with SSIS or SSRS and .NET is plus"

Later you can go for SSAS. This is more about data analysis. Job requirement for this is mostly - "SQL with SSAS and MDX query knowledge".

Read books or watch video tutorial but REMEMBER to have hands on with it. Do step by step exercies.

--> Is my decision is good in career selection?
Will i get the better opportunities MSBI with dotnet Program

Your decision is good. Business look for more to get out of their data and here MSBI comes in play.

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