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Abstract Class - Explained 
Last updated on: 16 Jul 2009 08:44:13 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 58091 | Category: C# |
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Questions on Abstract class are very frequently asked in interviews:) Apart from interviews Abstract class is also very important to know when you are designing or working on a real time applications that needs proper design. I am not expert in this however trying to explain what I know out of my limited knowledge. This article tries to cover Abstract class, Abstract method, Abstract property and difference between abstract method and virtual method.
How to improve your LINQ query performance by 5 X times ? 
Last updated on: 15 Jul 2009 10:24:55 AM by Questpond | Views: 18255 | Category: ASP.NET |
LINQ has been criticized by many early adopters for its performance issues. Well if you are just going to drag and drop using DBML code generator I am sure you will land up in to mess. Try doing this make a simple LINQ to SQL project using DBML and see your SQL profiler, I am sure you will never like to touch DBML code generator again.
Last updated on: 12 Jul 2009 12:02:06 PM by Questpond | Views: 5935 | Category: ASP.NET |
This FAQ article is dedicated to LINQ to SQL. In this article we will see a basic example of LINQ to SQL, how to define 1-1 and 1-many relationship using LINQ, how we can optimize LINQ queries, execution of stored procedures using LINQ and finally we will see a simple CRUD example using LINQ to SQL. For past some days I was running small sprint to complete this marathon I hope you will like this article.
CRUD operations using LINQ Entities 
Last updated on: 10 Jul 2009 10:27:08 AM by Questpond | Views: 7468 | Category: ASP.NET |
This is a pretty simple tutorial dedicated to LINQ newbie’s who want to learn how to do CRUD operations using LINQ entities. I am sure many experienced LINQ players would criticize me for such a mild article. One of the biggest catch which I found is the in-memory update service by LINQ, which I think for any newbie for LINQ is a must to understand.
Simple 6 steps to use stored procedure in LINQ 
Last updated on: 07 Jul 2009 09:33:09 PM by Questpond | Views: 16798 | Category: ASP.NET |
This is an extremely small article which describes how to flourish LINQ objects using stored procedure. What provoked me to write this article is the ‘ExecuteMethodCall’ function which helps to execute stored procedures in LINQ. As this is a protected function it changes the way you architect the DAL using ‘DataContext’ class and probably you would like to tweak and consider some options here. You can see more details of it when you read through the steps below. I am writing a huge series of LINQ FAQ and these small articles form small sprints to complete the huge FAQ series. I hope you enjoy it.
Best Practise in String Methods 
Last updated on: 07 Jul 2009 12:34:15 AM by Cp_raj | Views: 7084 | Category: C# |
String Method
Custom SEO friendly paging with ASP.NET Repeater or DataList control 
Last updated on: 04 Jul 2009 07:40:52 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 90569 | Category: ASP.NET |
This article shows how to achieve Custom SEO Friendly paging for controls like Repeater or DataList those doesn't support paging out of box.
  • SheoNarayan
    Using PageMethods and JSON in ASP.NET AJAX 
    Last updated on: 04 Jul 2009 05:09:52 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 119746 | Category: ASP.NET AJAX |
    Votes: 2 | Rating: 5 out of 5
    This article describes how to use ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods to submit data to the server and get response. It also shows how to serialize object into JSON format and access its properties in JavaScript.
    Optimizing LINQ Queries using DataLoadOptions 
    Last updated on: 04 Jul 2009 03:03:58 AM by Questpond | Views: 8156 | Category: ASP.NET |
    In this section we will understand the round trip issues of LINQ and how we can overcome the same using ‘DataLoadOptions’. One of the biggest issues with LINQ to SQL is that it fires SQL query for every object which has a huge impact on performance. In this article we will see how we can get all data in one SQL Query.
    Ensuring button is clicked only once, Confirmation and Please wait message for ASP.NET Form 
    Last updated on: 03 Jul 2009 03:51:06 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 29546 | Category: ASP.NET |
    This article explains how to ensure that submit button is clicked only once, get confirmation from user before submitting the form and display "Please wait" message when the ASP.NET web form is submitted to the server. The sample demo also works well when you have many validation control in your form.
    How to get a Selected Row Data from a DataList ? 
    Last updated on: 01 Jul 2009 06:41:49 AM by Syedshakeer | Views: 30431 | Category: ASP.NET |
    In this Article you can learn how to get a Selected Row Data from a DataList and display the data in textBoxes.
    How to get the Values of Selected Row from a Gridview using ASP.NET 
    Last updated on: 01 Jul 2009 06:30:50 AM by Syedshakeer | Views: 269826 | Category: ASP.NET |
    Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
    In this Article you can learn how to get the values of selected row from a Gridview and display the values in textBoxes using C# code.
    Extension Method (.Net 3.5 and above) 
    Last updated on: 01 Jul 2009 05:00:38 AM by Cp_raj | Views: 30853 | Category: C# |
    Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
    This article describes the use of Extension method in C#.
    One-Many and One-One relationship using LINQ to SQL 
    Last updated on: 01 Jul 2009 02:19:55 AM by Questpond | Views: 8928 | Category: ASP.NET |
    In this article we will start with a basic LINQ to SQL example and then see how we can implement one-many and one-one relationship using ‘Entityref’ and ‘EntitySet’. We have also attached a source which demonstrates the same in a practical manner.
    Extending Grid View Control of ASP .NET 
    Last updated on: 29 Jun 2009 12:10:08 AM by Hareshambaliya | Views: 12066 | Category: ASP.NET |
    If you want to modify some functionality of existing Grid View control of ASP .Net then you always have the option of extending the control. In this article I have extend the Grid View with custom field. To extend the Grid View control you can inherit the new class from existing class or any of the following class 1). DataControlField – The base class for bind field 2). ButtonFieldBase – The base class for all button field and command field. In this article I am extending the Grid View control of ASP .Net with LongTextField and ConfirmDeleteButton (it will be in my next blog)