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C Sharp - Useful methods - 1 [ IsNumeric] 
Last updated on: 04 Feb 2009 11:05:10 PM by Deepak | Views: 8429 | Category: C# |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 4 out of 5
IsNumeric ------------ Developer most of the time come across reusable codes. I have planned to collect all the reusable codes which come across my development experience and want to share with all. This is one of the code which is always necessory
C Sharp - Useful methods - 4 [ ReplaceSingleQuote] 
Last updated on: 04 Feb 2009 11:01:14 PM by Deepak | Views: 5792 | Category: C# |
ReplaceSingleQuote Replace Single Quote (') with Double Single Quotes ('')
C Sharp - Useful methods - 2 [ GetNumeric] 
Last updated on: 04 Feb 2009 10:29:34 PM by Deepak | Views: 4972 | Category: C# |
GetNumeric Function This method will return the digits between the strings, if no digits found it returns 0
UI Object Connector Implementation of Mediator Pattern 
Last updated on: 30 Jan 2009 12:18:35 AM by Questpond | Views: 6098 | Category: Design Pattern & Practices |
When we consume business objects in UI, the logic can become pretty complex for activities like setting the business object value, getting the object value and setting the user interface from the object value. We can minimize the complexity of UI interaction with the business object using mediator pattern.
ADO.NET Interview Questions - Part 2 
Last updated on: 29 Jan 2009 02:03:05 AM by Questpond | Views: 16437 | Category: ADO.NET |
This is the Part 2 of ADO.NET. In this section we will touch base on one of important concepts in ADO.NET.
ADO.NET Interview Questions - Part 1 
Last updated on: 29 Jan 2009 12:45:12 AM by Questpond | Views: 18145 | Category: ADO.NET |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 1 out of 5
This is the Part 1 of ADO.NET. In this section we will touch base on one of important concepts in ADO.Net.
DI using Unity Application Blocks 
Last updated on: 28 Jan 2009 12:00:53 AM by Questpond | Views: 6319 | Category: ASP.NET |
In this article we will take up a simple example and try to implement DI using Unity Application Blocks thus resulting in loosely coupled architecture.
  • Questpond
    Six Sigma 
    Last updated on: 27 Jan 2009 04:48:46 AM by Questpond | Views: 5418 | Category: ASP.NET |
    I know many will not like my Interview questions article. Some may think its bad for various reasons and some may think its good for quick revision. Again I repeat you do not get jobs by reading interview question and answers , but yes it definitely serves as a quick reference. So looking at the good part I continue my Interview questions and answers series. This time I will be writing from process point of view. Six sigma is a getting good recognition in the market and I am sure many professionals are asked questions on the same. So below is a quick revision which will give you a decent understanding of Six sigma from interview point of view.
    Ajax Quick Start FAQ 
    Last updated on: 24 Jan 2009 05:37:36 AM by Questpond | Views: 6696 | Category: ASP.NET |
    This FAQ is like a starter kit. It will help you understand the main aspects of Ajax in a rapid fashion....
    4 steps to use readymade DAL component (Data application blocks) 
    Last updated on: 22 Jan 2009 11:08:30 PM by Questpond | Views: 5549 | Category: ASP.NET |
    One of the most important components in a project is the DAL component. Many developers end up creating their own DAL component which is pretty time consuming. A Microsoft enterprise application block has a very decent and time tested DAL component i.e. the Enterprise data application blocks. This tutorial will run through the necessary steps of how you can use Enterprise data application blocks in your DAL component.
    6 basic steps of how to create a WebPart in SharePoint 
    Last updated on: 22 Jan 2009 08:49:32 AM by Questpond | Views: 12002 | Category: SharePoint |
    This is beginners tutorial of how to deploy a WebPart in SharePoint. It is a 6 step procedure and this tutorial will walk through the same. In case you are fresher to SharePoint you can read my FAQ articles listed below. I am sure within an hour you can get acquainted to SharePoint and get started.
    Disabling copy paste in a textbox on aspx page 
    Last updated on: 22 Jan 2009 08:21:06 AM by Amit.jain | Views: 24488 | Category: JavaScript |
    For many reasons sometime we don't want to allow user to use right click to copy paste or by using ctrl+C , ctrl+v to copy and paste in textbox on a aspx page in
    Architecture FAQ for Localization and Globalization - Part 1 
    Last updated on: 22 Jan 2009 01:29:02 AM by Questpond | Views: 8266 | Category: ASP.NET |
    When we see around, architectures mainly discuss about loose coupling , scalability , performance etc etc. Many architecture forget one of the important aspects in software is making application globalized. Depending on project some application would not really want to have multi-language based websites , but i am sure many will. So in this article we will go through a series of FAQ which will give you a quick start on making application multi-language based.
    (WPF) Windows Presentation Foundation FAQ 
    Last updated on: 21 Jan 2009 10:50:43 PM by Questpond | Views: 6635 | Category: ASP.NET |
    In this section we will make a quick walkthrough of WPF which will help you understand WPF instantly.
    Five step of how to use logging utility in your projects using application blocks 
    Last updated on: 20 Jan 2009 11:23:14 PM by Questpond | Views: 8360 | Category: ASP.NET |
    It’s new world of software reusability. Gone are the days when we need to build things from scratch. One of the most needed functionality is the logging utility. Every software project needs a logging utility. To make your own logging utility is a big project by itself. In this tutorial we will quickly run through how you can use Microsoft logging application blocks to log messages and activities.