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Java Script GridView ClientSide Validation 
Last updated on: 30 Sep 2008 12:22:12 AM by Majith | Views: 47012 | Category: JavaScript |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 3 out of 5
I am going to explain the simple GridView Client Side Validation instead of server side validation controls.
When to use of DataSet, SqlDataReader and XmlReader 
Last updated on: 29 Sep 2008 12:35:54 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 24067 | Category: ADO.NET |
To efficiently write the code of Data Access Layer we must be aware about the functionality/features of DataSet, SqlDataReader and XmlReader. In this article, I am trying to describe which objects fits in what scenario.
Working with Value Types Variables 
Last updated on: 26 Sep 2008 12:55:25 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 8411 | Category: C# |
This article describes about most of the Value Types variables, its uses and how to use them.
Binding, Adding, Editing, Updating, Deleting, Paging and Sorting records in ListView Control 
Last updated on: 25 Sep 2008 03:24:05 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 151990 | Category: ASP.NET |
Votes: 4 | Rating: 5 out of 5
ListView control is one of the most popular and powerful web server control in ASP.NET 3.5. In this article, we will explore most frequently asked questions about ListView control.
Diff Between DataGrid and GridView 
Last updated on: 17 Sep 2008 11:22:31 PM by Majith | Views: 39770 | Category: ADO.NET |
Im going to expail the various difference between GridView and the DataGrid controls and their different logics.
Applying Themes and Skins using ASP.NET ,C# 
Last updated on: 10 Sep 2008 11:50:53 PM by Majith | Views: 17010 | Category: ASP.NET |
In this article I am going to expalin about Themes and Skin files and how to use it on ASP.NET Files.
Solution of problem having same method name in two interfaces inheriting a class 
Last updated on: 07 Sep 2008 09:58:07 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 34550 | Category: C# |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
This articles describes the solution of having the same method name in two different interfaces inheriting a class.
  • Baruhari
    ListView Control with DropDownExtender and Menu 
    Last updated on: 02 Sep 2008 09:45:28 PM by Baruhari | Views: 32778 | Category: ASP.NET AJAX |
    This article describes how to display the Context Menu on each row of the ListView Control using DropDownExtender and Menu control
    Common CSS code to change html elements look and feel 
    Last updated on: 01 Sep 2008 07:12:59 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 15520 | Category: CSS 3 |
    This article describe how to write common css code to change the look and feel of html elements.
    SEO friendly pagination using asp:DataPager control 
    Last updated on: 18 Aug 2008 10:58:14 AM by SheoNarayan | Views: 49774 | Category: ASP.NET |
    This article shows how to paginate (SEO friendly) a ListView using DataPager control without enabling ViewState.
    Generating XML from relational database tables 
    Last updated on: 07 Aug 2008 07:44:53 AM by Deeraj | Views: 9009 | Category: Sql Server |
    This article describes how to generate XML string from relational database tables.
    ASP.NET Client Side TextBox Validation 
    Last updated on: 30 Jul 2008 02:16:49 PM by Majith | Views: 36438 | Category: JavaScript |
    Like most programming tasks, client validation can be as simple or as more complex .In this article I am going to explain the Client Side Texbox Number/Characters Validation with JavaScript .
    Service Oriented Architecture, a real world example in ASP.NET with C# 
    Last updated on: 29 Jul 2008 04:22:55 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 96851 | Category: .NET Framework |
    Votes: 3 | Rating: 5 out of 5
    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) a buzzing word in the world of software development these days. In this article, we will try to understand what the SOA is and how to create and consume it in ASP.NET with C#.
    Working with HttpHandler in IIS 7 
    Last updated on: 28 Jul 2008 04:04:04 PM by SheoNarayan | Views: 41149 | Category: ASP.NET |
    In order to use custom HttpHandler in IIS 6 we simply used to write <httpHandlers> tag inside System.web tag in web.config file but in IIS 7 it is little tricky. In this article, I am going to show how to configure custom HttpHanlder in IIS 7.
    Remoting.Net vs Web Services 
    Last updated on: 25 Jul 2008 08:32:29 AM by Majith | Views: 6799 | Category: ASP.NET |
    Both .Net Web services and .Net Remoting are Microsoft solutions for distributed application. Before choosing one of them for application development, let’s identify the differences between these technologies.