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Introduction to DeepZoom Silverlight 3 
Last updated on: 11 Oct 2011 10:07:03 AM by Vuyiswamb | Views: 9028 | Category: Silverlight |
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Years ago I came across DeepZoom in a Microsoft Teched Conference that was held in South Africa in Durban. After the conference I wrote an article on the subject. But when it was released it was a wow technology but it was still lacking something. I waited for Silverlight 3 to be released and new DeepZoom came into the picture again, and I was so impressed with the product now. I have demonstrated this in the old article and I must say I wasn’t impressed as am now. In July 2009 DeepZoom was released and I was ready to try it again and I was not disappointed at all.
How to Ping network IP or Hostname in Silverlight Application? 
Last updated on: 04 Mar 2010 11:05:12 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 12031 | Category: Silverlight |
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Pinging a network IP or Hostname is not available in Silverlight. But you can do this using WCF service. In this post I am going to implement the same thing for you. I am using Silverlight 4 here. But this can also be possible in Silverlight 3.
Silverlight: Drag And Drop ListBoxItem to Canvas (using Telerik Control) 
Last updated on: 04 Mar 2010 11:04:34 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 17121 | Category: Silverlight |
While surfing thru different forum I noticed that, lots of people are actually facing issues while trying to implement the drag and drop feature. The main problem arises while trying to drag from a ListBox to a panel like canvas. In this post, I will go thru the steps to demonstrate such feature.
Silverlight 4: How to Drag and Drop External Files? 
Last updated on: 04 Mar 2010 11:03:04 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 28615 | Category: Silverlight |
In this post I will describe you another feature of Silverlight 4 “Access to external content”. Here I will show how to drag and drop some external images to my sample application. Earlier Silverlight 4 this feature was not available. There was no client file access permission. But in this new release they introduced this functionality by which you can implement the same.
Silverlight 4: How to use the all new Right Click Context Menu? 
Last updated on: 06 Mar 2010 07:36:09 AM by Kunal2383 | Views: 55131 | Category: Silverlight |
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In this post I will describe about the another cool new feature (“How to use the all new Right Click Context Menu?”) of Silverlight 4.
Silverlight 4: How to work with Notification API? 
Last updated on: 04 Mar 2010 11:01:55 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 9136 | Category: Silverlight |
Silverlight Notification API is a new feature introduced in Silverlight 4 Beta 1. If you are developing your application using Silverlight & want to show some notification message like Outlook to the user, then you can use this. Remember that, this feature only works out of browser.
Silverlight 4: How to Capture Video from Default Webcam? 
Last updated on: 03 Mar 2010 02:15:30 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 23707 | Category: Silverlight |
Silverlight 4 Beta 1 has been released by Microsoft on 18th November 2009. There are lots of goodies came up with the release of the new version. Among them, most of all are requested by the developers & users of Silverlight. In this post I will demonstrate one of the new feature “Accessing Default Webcam using Silverlight 4”.
  • Kunal2383
    How can you implement the Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser feature? 
    Last updated on: 03 Mar 2010 02:19:42 PM by Kunal2383 | Views: 10340 | Category: Silverlight |
    Silverlight 3 came up with Out Of Browser support. Using that feature one can install the application just like a standalone windows application. Hence no need to open the browser to run the Silverlight application. Today for the first time I gone thru the APIs & created a sample application. Here I will discuss about the same to give you a demonstration.
    Events Handling in MVVM 
    Last updated on: 15 Feb 2010 06:47:31 AM by Goldytech | Views: 24786 | Category: Silverlight |
    This article teaches you how can handle events in Model View ViewModel ( MVVM) pattern without using the code behind model. Sample project is attached.
    Silverlight 3 - Part 3 (Data Services) 
    Last updated on: 06 Dec 2009 05:11:45 PM by Sudhakarj21 | Views: 8890 | Category: Silverlight |
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    This Article will help to start using Services in Silverlight 3.0. We will see how we do Data transfer operations using ADO.NET Data Services. Please refer to my previous articles on Sliverlight Part1, Part2 to get started
    Silverlight 3 - Part 2 
    Last updated on: 26 Nov 2009 10:00:13 PM by Sudhakarj21 | Views: 6299 | Category: Silverlight |
    This Article will help to understand how the initial data required by Silverlight Application will be transfer to it from ASP.NET Page. This helps in transferring dynamic settings from ASP.NET Page to Silverlight application
    Silverlight 3 - Part 1 
    Last updated on: 26 Nov 2009 09:12:21 AM by Sudhakarj21 | Views: 6113 | Category: Silverlight |
    Silverlight is a Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform plug-in from Microsoft. It supports many features that cannot be done in a normal browser it helps Web Applications to give Rich User Experience using WPF and uses client GPUs to provide this. It also enhances the productivity with the support of .NET APIs, Visual Studio and Expression Blend.
    Take a scoop of Silverlight Toolkit Pie Chart 
    Last updated on: 22 Oct 2009 09:58:56 PM by Goldytech | Views: 15095 | Category: Silverlight |
    A Complete walkthrough of creating Pie Chart with advanced features.
    Working with Silverlight2 controls : A detailed look 
    Last updated on: 09 Sep 2009 09:39:42 AM by G_arora | Views: 6021 | Category: Silverlight |
    In my previous Articles we have learnt “How to start with Silverlight”. In the present article we will learn Silverlight Controls. I am covering the entire Article in a practical view so, I advise you please remind previous articles and create a test application for side-by-side practical or follow these steps to create a new test application:
    Silverlight2 : A detailed look 
    Last updated on: 09 Sep 2009 09:14:52 AM by G_arora | Views: 4565 | Category: Silverlight |
    Microsoft introduced Rich Internet Application with the introduction of Silverlight which is a very lightweight and a client-side application.