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This jQuery how to's ebook and video tutorials covers more than 101 how to's of jQuery methods and written in easy to understand manner. All how to's are supported by a demo page & source code. This book comes with easy to navigate source code.

This jQuery book has been written by Sheo Narayan of IT Funda Corporation. Sheo Narayan is a well known writer, author and a mentor in the .NET Community. His many of articles have been selected as "Articles of the day" in Microsoft(R) official website www.asp.net. He is a software professional since year 2001 and is also the founder of www.dotnetfunda.com.

This book is platform independent and is useful for all who are interested to learn jQuery either from .NET or Open source background.

Table of contents

. Author
. Acknowledgement
. Purpose of this book
. How this book has been organized
. Acceptance
. Copyright
. Who this book is written for
. Is this book targeted for .NET Developer only?
. How to understand the code if I am not from .NET Background?
. How to setup the demo source code application?
. What is jQuery?
. Why jQuery?
. Where to download jQuery from?

How to use jQuery?
. To load local jQuery file
. Do I need to refer jQuery file both in Master page/base page/template page and content page?
. What is the difference between jQuery-x.x.x.js and jQuery.x.x.x-min.js
. Which version of jQuery file should be used?
Loading jQuery from CDN (Content Distribution Network)
. What is CDN?
. Microsoft - To load jQuery from Microsoft AJAX CDN
. Google - To load jQuery from Google Libraries API
. Why to load jQuery file from CDN?
. What if the latest jQuery version is available and I am still referring older version of jQuery file from CDNs?
. How to load local jQuery file in case CDN is not available?
. How to execute jQuery code?

jQuery Core

jQuery Selectors
1. What is Selectors?
2. How to select all elements of the page? - All Selector ("*")
3. How to select a particular element having a specific class? - Class Selector (".class")
4. How to select all elements of specific type? - Element Selector ("element")
5. How to select an element having a specific id - ID Selector ("#id")
6. How to select multiple elements at a time? Multiple Selector ("selector1, selector2, selectorN")
7. How to select an element based on its attribute - Attribute Selector (element*'attribute$="name"+')
8. How to select the first child of the parent element? - First child selector
9. How to select last child of the parent element? - Last child selector
10. How to select a specific child of the parent element? nth child selector

jQuery Attributes
1. How to add a css class to an element? - .addClass()
2. How to get or set the attribute value of an element? - .attr()
3. How to determine if a given css class name has been used in an element - .hasClass()
4. How to get or set the html content for a particular element - .html()
5. How to append html content to the element? .append()
6. How to append the source element content to the target? - .appendTo()
7. How to insert html content at the beginning of an element - .prepend()
8. How to insert html content from source element to the beginning of target - .prependTo()
9. How to get or set the element text? .text()
10. How to remove css class from an element? .removeClass()
11. How to remove an attribute from an element? .removeAttr()
12. How to toggle the class of an element? .toggleClass()
13. How to get or set the value of an element? .val()

jQuery Traversing
1. How to add an element to a particular element - .add()
2. How to get all the children elements of a element? - .children()
3. How to iterate through each specified element of the page? - .each()
4. How to find a specific element form the group of similar kind of elements? - .eq()
5. How to filter an element from the group of similar kind of elements based on its attribute value? - .filter()
6. How to find the descendent of an element - .find()
7. How to find the first element from the matched element - .first()
8. How to find the last element form the matched element - .last()
9. How to find the immediate next element from the element found by the selector - .next()
10. How to find the parent element of an element - .parent()

jQuery Manipulations
1. How to place content before a specific element? - .before()
2. How to place content after a specific element? - .after()
3. How to get and set the height of an element? .height()
4. How to get and set the width of an element? - .width()
5. How to insert an element after a specific element? - .insertAfter()
6. How to insert an element before a specific element? - .insertBefore()
7. How to retrieve the position of an html element? - .position()
8. How to get and set the horizontal scroll position of an element? - .scrollLeft()
9. How to get and set the vertical position of an element? - .scrollTop()
10. How to unwrap the parent element from the specific element? - .unwrap()
11. How to wrap an element from a specific element? - .wrap()

jQuery Events
1. How to attach a blur event to an element - .blur()
2. How to attach change event to an element - .change()
3. How to attach a click event to an element - .click()
4. How to attach double click event to an element - .dblclick()
5. How to attach and detach an event to and from an element? - .bind() & .unbind()
6. How to attach an event to a particular type of element for the whole life of the page - .live()
7. How to detach an event from a particular type of element for the whole life of page - .die()
8. How to attach an error event to an element? - .error()
9. How to get the mouse position? - event.pageX & event.pageY
10. How to stop the default behavior of an element? event.preventDefault()
11. How to find out which element has initiated a particular event - event.target
12. How to attach focus event to an html element? - .focus()
13. How to attach focus out event to an element? - .focusout()
14. How to attach hover event to an element? - .hover()
15. How to attach keydown event to an element? - .keydown()
16. How to attach keypress event to an element? - .keypress()
17. How to attach key up event to an element? - .keyup()
18. How to attach load event to an element? - .load()
19. How to attach mouse down event to an element? - .mousedown()
20. How to attach mouse enter event to an element? -.mouseenter()
21. How to attach mouse leave event to an element? - .mouseleave()
22. How to attach mouse move event to an element? - .mousemove()
23. How to attach mouse up event to an element? - .mouseup()
24. How to attach resize event to an element? - .resize()
25. How to attach scroll event to an element? -.scroll()
26. How to select text or attach select event to an element? - .select()
27. How to catch the Submit event of the Form element? - .submit()
28. How to attach toggle event to an element? - .toggle()
29. How to trigger an event of an element? - .trigger()
30. How to attach unload event? - .unload()
31. What is custom event and how to attach a custom event to an element?

jQuery effects
1. How to animate a particular element? - .animate()
2. How to hide a particular element? .hide()
3. How to hide an element using slide up effect? .slideUp()
4. How to show an element? - .show()
5. How to toggle display an element with sliding effect? -.slideToggle()
6. How to toggle display an element? - .toggle()
7. How to stop currently executing animation? - .stop()
8. How to remove unexecuted/unused animation items from the queue? - .clearQueue()
9. How to display an element using slide down effect? - .slideDown()
10. How to display an element using fading effect - .fadeIn()
11. How to hide an element using fading effect - .fadeOut()
12. How to adjust the opacity of an element? - .fadeTo()
13. How to delay the execution of a subsequent method? - .delay()
14. How to get the number of items to be executed on a particular element? - .queue()
15. How to remove the current executing item from the queue? - .dequeue()
16. How to on and off the animation effect - jQuery.fx.off

jQuery Ajax
1. How to send asynchronous HTTP request to the server and get response? - .ajax(type, url, data, success)
2. How to send request to and get response from server using HTTP Get and HTTP Post - .post(), .get()
3. How to load JSON data from server? - .getJSON(Url, data, callBack)
4. How to load a page data from the server into a particular element - .load(url, callBack)
5. How to serialize the form element data that can be submitted to the server - .serialize()
6. How to register a handler to be called when first ajax request begins? - .ajaxStart()
7. How to perform certain operations when ajax request is about to send? -.ajaxSend()
8. How to know if my ajax request is successful? - .ajaxSuccess()
9. How to know when my ajax request is complete? - .ajaxComplete()
10. How to know when all ajax request is completed and no other ajax activity is in process? - .ajaxStop()
11. How to know if an error occurred while performing ajax operation - .ajaxError()

Along with above, there are few How to solutions are also provided in the ebook.
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