TCS Interview questions/experience for 3 year experience on .Net. C#, SQL Server

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Hi Everyone,

I had interview call on 18th May 2015 from TCS Pune for the position of System Engineer with 3+ year experince in .Net, MVC, Ajax, Linq and Javascript .

Interview was scheduled for 3-6 year experienced candidates.
There are 3 main interview rounds 
1- Technical 
2- MR
3- HR
They started  interview sharp at 10 Am.  Two interviewer are there for Technical round.
This is only the round where you have to perform your best. Once technical round is cleared
then every thing is just formality. 

Following are the questions they asked me during 60 minute interview.
Questions are based on Basic of Opps concept, MVC, Ajax, Linq they dont ask much more about Sql database to me, but be on safe hand prepare for Sql also.

1- What is Bootstrap?
2- Is it CSS or Javascripts?
3- What is Kendo?
4- How can we add Kendo in project?
5- How you can show grid on View? Code is required?
6- What are the facilities provided by kendo grid?(Filtering, sorting ....)
7- How you are binding Model to kenod. Write code?
8- What are ways to pass two textbox values from view to controller?
9- Difference between Sealed class Abstract class?
10- Difference between Singleton class Abstract class? How to declare singleton class?
11- What happens when we declare singleton class?
12- What is Action Filter?
13- Why to use it? how and where can we Define Custom action filters?
14- Can we have Two method with same name in one controller? 
15- What are basic 4 properties of object in c#? When we crate simple object and hit dot?
16- How to bind country list to with one selected country in view ?
17- Can we int in Javascript?
18- How for loop run javascript?
19- What is value if
if we add "5" and 4.
var ss="5"; var dd=4; var result=ss+dd; = 54;
20- How for loop works in java script?
21- How you get 2nd dt in 2nd dr in table using jquery?
22- Calling public constructor inside static class is ok?
23- Write any functionallity you used in project from bootstrap. Controll names?
24- Can we use linq on array list?
25- What is LINQ?
26- Action Filters are inherited from which class?
27- Can we return blank view? is it give error?
28- What are the parameters if we write Return json(..) in controller method?


After moving round and round finally they happy with my all answers.

Once first round complete they asked me to wait.....
After 20 min. a beautiful girl (HR) come and smile said "You are cleared the technical round" and give me Check list paper for collecting and arranging all document mentioned in the check-list.   
IMP Note- Please carry all document mentioned in the email.

Second round is MR(Managerial Round) - 
Here they check all document 
Cross verify background
Ask about previous company, project done and family background, 
Also they ask some Technical (Common) questions.

After long waiting nearly 7 hours from 3 PM to 10 PM. They call me for HR round.

HR round is about salary discussion and salary structure.

Finally i came out from TCS with offer email and salary structure in my hand and the time was 11 PM .

So TCS having very lengthy but proper process of Selection. Really nice. 

Best of Luck.

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