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hi , 

I have 4+ years experience in  SSRS.  I attend interview  ..
3 rounds Technical  ( two and half  hour ) and 1 HR round ( 20 min ).

please find the questions which  i have faced in Interview,,
these  are the questions while i  have remembered  ..  

1. What is cascading parameters in SSRS ?
what is look upfunction how to use?
what is data driven subscription?
what is caching  reports ?
what is snapshot reports?
different types of joins i n sql server?
what is drill down and drill through report?
what is transaction ?
types of transactions and explain ?
difference between ssrs 2005/2008?
how to get the numbers in reports?
how to get the row numbers based on the group?
what is switch in ssrs ? how to use ?
different types of chart you have work  ?
 how to deploy the report?
what is sub report?
how to optimize the ssrs reports ?
 what is rank (), dense_rank ()?
how to delete the duplicate rows from table ?
what is index ? and types? difference?
how hide the colums in ssrs based on the selection ?
what is link report?
what is fact table?
what is measure in ssas?
what is type of shames in ssas ?
what is cube in SSAS?
what different sourecs you have used in SSRS?
 you can able to use EXCel as data source in SSRS?
what is ad-hoc report?
what is report parameter in ssrs?
what is data parameter in SSRS ?
can we use drill down in matrix report?
 what is difference between tab lix, and matrix ?
while creating the variable in ssrs what is  properties in show (visiable.hide,extent)?

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